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Tampa Bachelor Party Ideas: Four Ideas for Your Last Hurrah

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Although the Tampa area is known for its devotion to fun, excitement, and a general interest in having a good time, not all attractions in Tampa are ideally suited for a bachelor party. If you are looking for Tampa bachelor party ideas, why not start your night off on a tiki cruise and make your bachelor party a memorable one?

How exactly should you go about making sure your bachelor party is outfitted to the nines, and optimized for your enjoyment? At Cruisin’ Tikis, we have a few pointers to make sure your bachelor party is a memorable one. These include:

1. Customize Your Experience

Although few bachelor parties are considered complete without a hefty dive into food and drinks, bachelor parties can quickly grow overcrowded, expensive, and difficult to contain when attending a bar as a group, or visiting another locale that is not tailored to your party. Making sure that your experience is as customized to your wants and needs as possible can help make sure your party is truly the final hurrah before your upcoming marriage.

Customizing your experience can be involved, such as creating a 3-day, hour-by-hour itinerary, or as simple as starting your bachelor party night with a Cruisin’ Tikis cruise, where you supply all of your own alcohol and food.

2. Set Your Soundtrack

There are fewer effective ways to destroy an atmosphere than being forced to listen to music that is too frantic or frenzied, or not quite lively enough. To make sure your bachelor party is the best it can be, take some time to create your night’s playlist. Whether you are hoping to have a simple guys’ night before the thrills (and worries) of marriage, or you are eager to go all out for one last pre-marriage party, controlling the music can mean controlling the mood.

You and your friends can create a playlist of your favorite songs–the songs you know are sure to get you excited for the evening, or songs you know will set the tone for a chill night out with your friends.

3. Carve Out Plenty of Time

Rushing through your bachelor party is likely to create feelings of stress and frustration, so why not start the evening with some time on the water, separated from the noise of Tampa, and surrounded by your guys? Taking your time to enjoy the night, enjoy the company, and take time to yourself will help make sure that your bachelor party is its best.

When planning out your bachelor party, make sure you set aside plenty of time to relax, too. Rushing from place to place might seem great, initially, but packing too much into a short period of time can make you and your guests feel rushed and short-tempered.

4. Start the Night Off Right

Most bachelor parties start in the afternoon or evening and extend well into the early hours of the morning (if not beyond). Hitting the ground running might seem like a great idea, but can quickly kill the mood of your bachelor party, if you and your friends feel like you’ve been hit by a bus only a few hours in. Starting the night out with a tiki cruise, filled with your favorite food and drinks, good music, and fantastic company is a great way to set the tone for your bachelor party, and make sure it is a night you’ll remember.

Cruisin’ Tikis boat rides are a great way to start your bachelor party. BYOB, settle in for 90-120 minutes of incredible views of the water and begin a night that you’ll remember for years to come.

Interested in starting your bachelor party with Cruisin Tikis tiki boat cruises? Reach out today to get your reservation started!